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There are many definitions of what a project manager is and what he does, but it is sometimes difficult to explain to a prospective client, especially with self-build, the benefits of employing this method in contrast to hiring a builder.

Formally project management could be defined as:

“The planning, co-ordination and control of a project from conception to completion on behalf of a client, identifying the client’s objectives in terms of utility, function, quality, time and cost and establishing relationships between resources, controlling contributors to the project and their output, whilst evaluating and selecting alternatives in pursuit of the client’s satisfaction of the project outcome”.


This is rather a mouth full and to a lay person / self - builder is perhaps still not clear. So why employ us as project managers and not simply a builder, or main contractor? The purpose is one thing, but projects are executed for clients and the unwavering objective of the project manager is to achieve the client’s objectives.


People looking to build their own home tend to spend a great deal more time and effort investigating any number of contributing factors and methods of construction, very often long before they actually have a plot or planning permission to build. A project manager worth his salt will have the experience and broad professional background to advise and assist with all aspects of the build process from a very early stage, including the design, planning and engineering, so it is well worth investing the same time in establishing a relationship with the right project manager early on, to help guide those aspirations. Commercial developers frequently do this as a matter of course, just as they do in employing an architect for the design and planning and those we deal with are no exception, aware of the financial and time saving benefits in employing independent professional advise regarding the construction issues from the start.

Employed directly by the client on a fixed fee, a project manager is an impartial individual / organisation, professionally insured to provide autonomous management / co - ordination in the construction of a building.



Although he will have established long term relationships with many reliable and trust worthy contractors / sub-contractors, as the client’s manager he will always look for value, often tendering each and every aspect of the build to separate contractors, in the sole interests of his client.


A formal contractual agreement will be established between the project manager and his client. The project manager will also provide a formal order to each contractor on behalf of the client, in the form of a fixed price contract. The client can take as little or as much involvement in the actual construction as he desires, standing back entirely on the basis of a turnkey if preferred. This is especially beneficial to many self – builders, as it provides limitless flexibility to make savings if the client wants to get involved in any of the work.

Unlike a builder, the project manager does not directly employ the contractors involved, so there is no mark up on these elements, which regularly ensures significant overall cost benefits. We create the various specifications and scope of works to the client’s exacting requirements and on establishing an order with any party, this becomes a formal contract between the client and contractor employed.

no conflict

There is no conflict of interest with the client, as throughout the process the project manager will seek to resolve conflict in the interests of the client, whilst considering those of the contractors.


We are on the list of recommended builders and project managers with Buildstore, a leading provider to the UK self – build market from material supply to land sales and insurances etc. Buildstore only promote those organisations and individuals that are appropriately qualified in the construction industry and that they have vetted accordingly, including obtaining references from past clients.